Our Water

Forsand Water

For several thousand years the water has flowed from the underground source in scenic Forsand in Norway

Melted ice from the last glacial period has slowly made its way from the surface deep down to the vast underground source, travelling through massive layers of sandy earth, becoming crystal clear and mineralised along the way.

At our plant in Forsand the spring water is bottled directly from the source as fresh, pure and mineral-rich as nature created it.
We are currently set up to deliver mineral water in the following bottle formats:
Glass bottles: 

  • 0.33 l 
  • 0.5 l 
  • 0.75 l 
  • 1 l

Bulk : Flexi Tank (24000 liters in a 20 feet sea container)

Braid can offer the market leading flexitank for shipment of water. Our partner has the exclusive AQUAFLEX flexitank for water.
The tank is installed into a 20 feet sea container and filled in our main production site under our strict supervision.
A Braid Flexitank kit is:
· 24,000 liters flexitank liner (disposable, to be used once)
· A metal frame door bulkhead kit
· A liner for the 20ft sea container
· Some other lining and securing accessories

Nutritional values

0.5 kCal/100g
0 g
0 g
0.3 g
4.8 mg/l
16 mg/l
8.5 mg/l
1.1 mg/l